Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The one in the Schwarzwald 3/6/2018

Hey friends,

Weekly riddle: What was it that Adam and Eve never had and yet they gave to their children? (Earthly parents)

This week flew by, but time tends to do that when you're having fun spreading JOY! There is too much to tell about it all so I'll just hit some highlights and some fun stories. ­čśŐ

Wednesday we were invited to the family Lopez-Yao to share a spiritual thought and eat some cake. We planned a thought on Nephi (because honestly I could probably talk about Nephi for like a day straight he is so neat). We talked about when the bow was broken and how Nephi didn't murmur but he got to work. I asked the son how he behaves when he is hungry and it was too funny. Apparently earlier that day he had been a real pain about being hungry and wanting other people to fix his problems. So it fit great and we all had a good laugh. Hanger is real, but we should be more like Nephi and just get to work.

Thursday we met with Deyanira again! Ahh she is so great. She calls us her Amigas. Sister Cook led the lesson (3 weeks in the field and leading lessons like a pro, that's my girl!) and it was so good! We taught the last half of the plan of salvation and she just loved it, she expressed how much hope it fills her with and how it just makes sense. Ahhh ♡♡♡ she also told us that she randomly got in contact with an old coworker in Venezuela that she wasn't even really friends with but it turns out he is Mormon! He and his wife have been so supportive of her and have answered her questions as well! God works in mysterious ways and it's fun to see how He puts everything together. He certainly has a plan!

We also met with Niaga on Thursday and Sister Cook practiced teaching us the restoration in German (what a boss!). It's so fun to see her German skills improving and it's always fun to meet with Niaga and see his knowledge and testimony in the gospel grow. ♡

Friday we were supposed to have a lesson with Christa but she was worried the bus wouldn't take us back home because she lives in the middle of no where and it was a blizzard. So we went dooring and we talked to this woman, she told us we could come back another time but now was not the time. We started to pin her on the map (in front of her house, we just felt she needed to be pinned asap..) and she came out and started yelling at us!!! But nice yells!! We went back and she asked us where we were from, I said Utah and she got so excited! Her son lived in Utah for a year with a Mormon family and she has so many questions! She also has the address and wants to look at maps with me! She asked us to PLEASE come back! Guys-your member work is so important! 

Sunday we had two children baptisms in our ward! It was really fun to see it and reflect on when I got baptised 12 years ago Sunday. It was my 12 year mark of being a member of this wonderful church! I am so grateful I made that decision 12 years ago to be baptized. I am also grateful that I was able to make the decision for myself and it wasn't something that I had to do, or that I was too young to know what was happening. I chose to be baptized, and I am grateful everyday for that decision. 

Monday we went contacting in Freiburg after district meeting. Except, we decided to start on the bus and not just when we got to the city. Sis Cook and I talked to this lady (shown in picture below) and she loved us right away. She wasn't interested in the church but she wanted to take us to a lake, when we said we couldn't she asked if we would at least walk with her to the bank. We said okay, since she was old, alone, and adorable. She gave us a tour of Freiburg!! She was the sweetest lady. At the end of her long tour I asked if we could take a picture with her and she said only if I post it and say that she was the lady who guided us through the beautiful city of Freiburg. I love nice people!

Today we had district pday in the Black forest! We hiked to a waterfall and spent some time touring the cute city of Triburg. Sooo beautiful. It was so fun to spend a day with the Gassers, our lovely district senior couple. 

"I know this for a certainty: it is often in the trial of adversity that we learn those most critical lessons that form our character and shape our destiny." -President Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

It was just a fantastic week, I love you all and wish you the best!

Liebe Gr├╝├če,
Hermana Lundskog ♡

Sister Carley Lundskog 
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT 
Uhlandstra├če 24
79713 Bad S├Ąckingen  

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The one where it may be in the negatives but that still won't stop me from eating ice cream. ❄­čŹŽ­čŹĘ­čśŐ 2/27/2018

Hello friends and family, 

Are you ready for your joke of the week? 
Q: What man in the Bible had no parents? 

Now for the actual email, which is what you all have been waiting for, I know. 
Tuesday after pday we went to a members for dinner, Eivonny. She is so fun and we nerded it out over doterra oils- because turns out she lives for them and I love them. Ah man, doterra connecting people on an interesting level since day 1. Eivonny showed us all her stuff from her mission and I just loved it. I love hearing about people's missions and seeing how much their mission has shaped their lives and decisions. Missions work wonders. I love it! 

Wednesday, Niaga, our recent convert, took us out to dinner for my birthday. We had Sister Cook practice teaching a lesson in German and it was so cool to see her really push herself and find herself able to teach things. Also I broke a cup at the restaurant and it was awful.. this is why we can't have nice things. 

Friday we met with Deyanira (I'm a ninny who can't spell or speak Spanish), and we had such a great lesson. As we were teaching her the power of Jesus Christ's  Atonement and repentance she asked about being baptized. You could just see how the Spirit was working within her, it was beautiful. She came to church on Sunday and was so moved by the spirit and by the idea of eternal families that she just cried. She didn't want to leave church when it was over, she just wanted it to keep going. "Three hours just isn't enough!", I think we all need to develop this attitude towards church, because in reality, 3 hours just isn't enough. 

Yesterday we had zone conference and it was AMAZING. President and Sister Brown are so inspired and I always love hearing from them. I'm so grateful to have them here serving and that I can learn so much from them. 

A: (Joshua, the son of Nun.)

"Don’t waste your time feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t belittle yourself. Never forget that you are a child of God. You have a divine birthright. Something of the very nature of God is within you." -President Gordon B Hinckley. WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD. 

(Pictures: sunset on the train home from Zurich, sunrise on the walk to our train yesterday, selfies, ice cream, we got smartphones and I got angst (anxiety?), sister Cook lost both of her nametags so we made her a new one while we wait for the order to come in..­čśé)

Have a great week, I love you all!

Sister Carley Lundskog
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Uhlandstra├če 24
79713 Bad S├Ąckingen 

The one where the mission just gets better and better 2/20/2018

Hello my fellow lovely subscribers, 

I hope you all have had a wonderful week, and I would just like to thank you all for sticking around for so long. In honor of that, I will start each email with a gospel joke and finish them with the answer. Just for your enjoyment. (If you have any and would like to share them with me please send them to me via email.) Thank you for your time and cooperation, let's get started. 

Question: what time of day was Adam created? 

I am doing well, I'm actually just so happy, which is kind of a surprise because it's winter,  and I hate being cold, but doing the work of the Lord should (and does) make anyone happy. Sister Cook is doing great too, she stopped several people while street contacting and she's pushed herself to speak (and eat..) in appointments. It's been really cool to watch her grow and see her understand more and more. 

Our miracle of the week is a self referral we received on Sunday last week, Veynera. We called her on Monday to set up an appointment and she was overjoyed. We met with her on Wednesday and she told us the story of how she got to the point of calling our branch president. She met with missionaries 30 years ago in Venezuela but lost contact and hasn't had anything to do with our church since. She has visited 18 churches looking for the truth and she finally gave up. But she gave one last prayer "please Father, just let me find the truth." The next day she was in YouTube and a Mormon video popped up ,,die Wahrheit der Mormonen". I don't know what the video is or if that's the exact name of the video, but it touched her heart and she remember meeting with missionaries 30 years before, then she saw another video. And then she felt such a desire to know more that she searched everywhere to find a church near her (since the video was in German she figured that there must also be a church in Germany.) So she finally found the phone number to our branch and called the branch president. Before our first appointment with her she had already read a lot of first Nephi online and said ,,Ah das Buch Nephi ist so spannend!!" (Never in my life have I heard someone refer to Nephi as exciting-at least not someone who was not yet invited to read the book..) We've met with her twice now and are in contact with her almost everyday. In our second lesson on Saturday she gave us a referral! It shows us how much the Lord prepares people for the gospel, how He plants a desire in their hearts, and how much faith other people are willing to show to find the truth. Veynera has been such a good example to me of never giving up on dreams or desires (such as finding a church that you feel in your heart is true). We are excited to keep working with Veynera on this spiritual journey of finding the truth. 

God's preparing people to accept the gospel, we just have to find them (and pray that they will find us!). 

I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord, to serve His children, and teach His gospel. I can't think of anything that would be more rewarding, bring more joy, or strengthen a testimony more. 

Answer: a little before eve 

(Pics: facemask fun, Sister Marsha is the realest homie and from the looks of it the crazy cat lady is at it again, Sister Cook apparently loves Valentine's day, Sis Cook made nice birthday sign she is very creative, the gelato stores re-opened in january and it's been real tasty, aaaannnnnd Freiburg­čśŐ.)

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Have a fantastic week y'all! ♡♡

Sister Carley Lundskog
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Uhlandstra├če 24
79713 Bad S├Ąckingen 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The one where "a mistake was made..." 3/13/2018

Hey everyone, 

The week started off total chaos. Hence the subject line, and the text from Elder Larson in the office. We've been laughing so much but also we have been so stressed. Everything has worked out though. The Lord's work goes on! 

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: I GOT TO SEE SWEET SISTER H├äNER AGAIN. She's one of my favorite people I've met on the mission and I was able to see her again at a baptism on Sunday night. It was such a surprise but such a blessing. She is family to me and also one of my dearest friends. (Love you Sis H├Ąner!)

We've actually had lots going on and we've been way busy! I don't have time to write but I love you all! 

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of transformation. It takes us as men and women of the earth and refines us into men and women for the eternities”

(Pics: Sis H├Ąner and I, first week is rough, last transfers district pics, sister cook!)

Sister Carley Lundskog
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Uhlandstra├če 24
79713 Bad S├Ąckingen

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The one where... 2/6/2018


This week. What a week. Since the last time I wrote, which was only like 4 days ago, a lot has happened! 
We've given out so many books of Mormon and have met so many cool people! We've decided that we wanted to use the book of Mormon more, as it is the greatest tool we have and will lead to more conversion than just us talking, and it's been amazing to see how many people have responded positively toward it. The Book of Mormon has so much power!!! (Don't take it for granted, VME k. 5)

On Saturday we got transfer calls, and now that Sister Cliett is done being trained she will be going to Switzerland...and I'll be training again! A little crazy, but I'm excited! 
We also found out we will be losing the car... which is a bummer because we really need it in this area but the Lord will provide a way. But I got the chance to drive on the Autobahn so  ­čĄĚ­čĆ╝‍♀️ (except the church gives us a speed limit so we can't actually drive as fast as we want...but still.) It was an experience. ­čśŐ [enjoy the pictures saying goodbye to our car...]

It's been a fantastic week, I absolutely love being a missionary. I love doing the Lord's work, I love being a part of this wonderful work. I love being an instrument in the God's hands. I wouldn't change this for anything else in the world. My heart is just so full of love. 

“To dig a straight furrow, the plowman needs to keep his eyes on a fixed point ahead of him. That keeps him on a true course. If, however, he happens to look back to see where he has been, his chances of straying are increased. The results are crooked and irregular furrows. We invite those of you who are [members] to fix your attention on your [goal] and never look back on your earlier problems or transgressions except as a reminder of your growth and your worth and your blessings from God. If our energies are focused not behind us but ahead of us—on eternal life and the joy of salvation—we assuredly will obtain it” (“Am I a ‘Living’ Member?” Ensign, May 1987) 

Well I love you all! Have a blessed February! (I still can't believe it's February!)

Sister Carley Lundskog
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Uhlandstra├če 24
79713 Bad S├Ąckingen 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The one where "trotz alldem, das Leben ist sch├Ân" 1/25/2018

Hello everyone, 

I would just like to give a special thanks to all of the extra support and love the past couple weeks. I have definitely appreciated every effort you all have made to show love. Thank you. Because of all the love shown, I haven't been able to send a weekly out! I've never received so many emails from family, I didn't know what to do! ­čśé ❤❤

This year started off rocky. For the first time in my mission I felt homesick, the desire to be home with my family to be there for them. There were a few days (luckily it was really only two, one of which was a pday) where it was so hard to put my heart into the work because my heart ached for those at home. Fortunately, God let's us learn so much in the hard times. Trials are such a blessing because we can always learn. (NOT saying I love trials... but I do love becoming a stronger person through Christ, and coming to know my Savior just that much better.) These last few weeks have led me to just that...coming closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. Which has helped my heart and myself be in the work more than ever. 

Have you ever had a hard day? Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever felt that you're the only one who has ever felt the way you feel? Have you ever felt that nobody understands you? Have you ever had someone try to comfort and relate to you but they're obviously stretching to find an experience to compare? If you answered yes to any of those... YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Which is WHY WE ALL NEED CHRIST. Jesus Christ is the only one who will ever understand EXACTLY how you feel, He is the only one who has felt exactly what you feel, who has experienced exactly what you are experiencing. Whether it is the pain of being an outsider, the guilt of making a mistake, the feeling of being betrayed, the burden of knowing you hurt someone, the jolting pain from stubbing your toe, the exhaustion from being overworked, the weakness that comes from sickness, the joy from being in love, the happiness from being with family, the enjoyment of a good meal...He has felt it all. He knows how you feel- happy or sad. And if you turn to Him, He will comfort you, He will celebrate with you, He will give you peace, He will be with you. He will help us through, He will give us strength, He will, help us when we ask. I can't imagine any thing that could bring me more peace, or more joy. I know that Jesus suffered for us, He died for us, and He lives again. He knows us. He loves us. And I am so grateful. That is my why- that is why I am on a mission. It brings me so much joy to teach people about Jesus and to help them realize that He is their Savior and they are not alone. I am so grateful to have the gospel and the knowledge of my Savior. It's brought me so far, it's given me so much strength, and it's made me who I am today. ­čśŐ

I said this year started off rocky, but it has also been so incredible. I am grateful to have Sister Cliett by my side and to be doing the work of the Lord. Nothing makes me happier, or brings me more peace than doing missionary work. Here's some miracles and fun stories from the last few weeks. :)

-we had a very dangerous storm. However, we just thought we were being babies looking out so I told sister Cliett we would go finding because people need the gospel. (Apparently warnings were going out, the autobahn was shut down, trains were cancelled, trees were falling on cars, all the good things, but nobody told us...so...we went out.) We had no luck on the few trains that were still going- nobody was out! (Hahah I wonder why...) When the weather had called a little we went dooring, and then went to catch our train. And barely missed it. So  we went to the other side of the track and doored. There was a man who spoke to us out his window, as I was looking up and trying to talk a giant piece of hail hit me smack in the eye. He felt bad because I lost my words for a minute and so he came down and talked to us. We've met with him 4 times now and he's sooo cool. (Sometimes things seem to go wrong but it's all a part of God's plan. Also I'd let hail come into my eye every day if it meant getting an opportunity to teach someone the gospel.) His name is John and he's originally from Michigan. He's here as a preacher, so we've been learning a lot about the bible, and we've been sharing about the book of Mormon. His daughter, Joy, made us a lot of cute drawings the last time we were there. ­čśŐ

-‎We had tausch last week, and I got to work with Sister Call -she was my first tausch and now we are old missionaries together...crazy...and now our friend Richard is on date to be baptized in March. ­čśŐ

-‎We went street contacting in Freiburg yesterday after district meeting (just because I love street contacting.) The weather was TERRIBLE. None of us missionaries were having any good conversations because nobody wanted to talk. We had 5 minutes left before we needed to go, so we set a goal that every missionary would talk to 2 people. The first man I talked to was sooo nice. We talked for about 20 minutes, he wants a book of Mormon in English and Arabic, and he wants to take all of the lessons with us. We told him we could meet with him next Monday when we are in Freiburg again and he was overjoyed, and then said very softly "please don't forget about me." WHAT. MIRACLE. We are so excited to meet with him next week! 

-‎This week as a zone we are having a "Deutsche Woche" and that means every missionary in our zone has committed to speaking only German this week unless we have to teach or talk to someone in English. It's so fun. We all have been capable of more than we thought. 

There are so many more incredible things that have happened but this email is very long so I'll stop it for the sake of those who have had the time and patience to read it. Thank you, I sure love ya. Two weeks ago while dooring we saw a sign next to a door, it was a very hard day for me but it struck me. It said, "trotz alldem, das Leben ist sch├Ân." In spite of everything, life is beautiful. It's true. Life is hard, but if it wasn't hard we wouldn't grow. We wouldn't have opportunities to test our faith or come to really know our Father in Heaven or our Savior Jesus Christ. I testify that I know They live, They know us, and They love us. Jesus Christ died for us, and He rose again on the third day, and we can too. Joseph Smith was called by God to be a prophet and restore His church on the earth today. And I will be forever grateful for that. 

I love you all, and I hope you have a fantastic week!

(My pictures last time apparently didn't go through so here's an overload:))
[I broke Sister Clietts bed by sitting on it- I knew I should have stopped after the 12th cookie-but also don't worry I pulled out my redneck knowledge and fixed it; the map our member drew us; dooring probs; streeting in a small town on a Saturday afternoon probs; Sister Marsha, Sister Cliett and I; followed a certain Elder Farnworths advice to wear lots of clothes, and turned out to be inspired advice because we had crazy storms that week; Sister Call and I on tausch.]

Sister Carley Lundskog
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Uhlandstra├če 24
79713 Bad S├Ąckingen