Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The one where "as for me and my stomach I'll eat my meat cooked, thank you." 12/26/2017

Hey everyone Merry Christmas!!

Words cannot express all of the feelings I've been feeling! To start, I am so so so eternally grateful for the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. This is a wonderful time of the year for people to remember Him, and all that He has done for us. And I love it! The Christmas season is a completely different experience as a missionary and it's incredible. You get to see sides of people that you never see, people are more open to speaking about Christ, and you get to feel His presence stronger than at any other time. It's the bessssst. Why can't it be like this all year!? 

So Wednesday we were able to go to a member, Schwester Sieburts for lunch and she made such good food, in such large quantities I thought I was going to die. Instead I just rolled down the stairs and down the street, who needs to walk when you can roll? After our appointment with her we went to visit another member, Schwester Haderlie, who had also made us cake. Cake!? Ah I don't know how I survived that one. We helped her with her carpets throughout her house and had some good laughs. 

Thursday we had zone conference in Zürich! It was so good to see my people again! I was able to see Sister Harwood again and for a moment it felt like we were companions again and that we had just had a week long tausch away from each other. Ahh so good. It was probably one of my favorite zone conferences, the spirit was so strong and it was so solid. President sang for us again and also we had a white elephant gift exchange, which when you have 70 broke missionaries coming together for a gift exchange in Switzerland you can't really expect much, it was funny to see what everyone put together and considered a "gift". 

Friday we had a lunch appointment with Schwester Bohland and her husband and friend. We had a great time, and again we rolled out of the appointment. We were supposed to have an appointment with Chris, one of our friends but he didn't show up.. But Schwester Jung had come to help us teach and I was able to talk to her and get to know her better. Then we had a dinner appointment with the Lopez family, but they forgot they had invited us...so we just played some games, shared a thought, and got to know them a little better. (Honestly we were glad they forgot because I don't want to eat for a week.)

Sunday we went to the famiky Kamm's for dinner and Heilige Abend. I've never eaten so much raw fish in my life and I don't plan on ever doing that again. We had a great time with this family though, we played some games, ate a ton of food, and were able to celebrate the birth of Christ. Schwester Kamm gave us each our own "smoking man" which is very German, and very cute. They are little men with incense inside and as they burn the man smokes. Typisch. 

Monday we were invited to the Wendts for brunch and games. Schwester Wendt gave us each our own chocolate fondue pots. (The members here spoil us, I love them). We read Christmas stories, sang songs, and then for our thought we read the Living Christ together and talked about who Christ is for us. After the Wendts we went to President Wolfarts home and ate raclette with his family and the Aarou elders. And we Skyped home! It was so good to see the fam and talk to everyone. Ahh my heart is full. 

Today we took some good naps and then went to the Daums for raclette and games. It's been a good week. :)

"As we commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ two millennia ago, we offer our testimony of the reality of His matchless life and the infinite virtue of His great atoning sacrifice. None other has had so profound an influence upon all who have lived and will yet live upon the earth. ...We  bear testimony, as His duly ordained Apostles— that Jesus is the Living Christ, the immortal Son of God. He is the great King Immanuel, who stands today on the right hand of His Father. He is the light, the life, and the hope of the world. His way is the path that leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come. God be thanked for the matchless gift of His divine Son."

I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

Sister Carley Lundskog
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Lommelstraße 7
81479 München 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The one where "I was worried you'd be normal..." 12/19/2017

Hey everyone! 

Leaving Reinach was hard but Bad Säckingen rocks and Sister Cliett is a champ! 

Wednesday we met with an old investigator, Raymond. He had a baptismal date a couple months ago but then realized he had a lot of questions. We had a really good deep discussion about the bible and all of his questions. It was way intense but he was really cool, a go very sophisticated man. After that we had an appointment with Schwester Schuler, and we were able to talk a little about faith and the purpose of life. Bruder Caló was there again and helped us out. They are awesome, and Schwester Schuler is just the cutiest. After Schwester Schulers we went to the Häners to do service (cleaning and setting up their Christmas tree, talk about the best service project). After we did our service Mareen (Sister Häners neighbor, the sweetest lady who came to the Dankfest and wanted to see me again) came and we had the best enchiladas eveeeeerrrrrr. Sister Häner makes the best food ever. We had a lovely evening together. Sister Häner sent us home with poppy seed bread and I ate my whole loaf in about 2 minutes it was sooooooo good. 

Thursday we met with the Lichtblaus and their granddaughter Luana. We taught the plan of salvation and Luana became so engaged and just started asking questions and you could tell some of her life long questions were being answered with God's plan for us. It was a wonderful time and the Lichtblaus are amazing. Schwester Lichtblau requested that I come back as soon as it's legal again (90 days), lol I told her I'd really try. 

Friday we met with Kalppana real quick to say goodbye. I'm gonna miss that girl. We then went and met David (a man we found dooring a week or so ago) to give him a book of Mormon and try to set up another appointment. He was excited for the book but also was really struggling to understand why it wasn't included in the bible as one book. (There's a bit of a language barrier.) But that was a fun final appointment in Reinach. We hurried home after that and cleaned and I finished packing and then we booked it to Zurich to get our new comps. Sister Cliett was already at the bahnhof so we just up and left and went to our area to get to work. We dropped cookies off at some less actives along the way home. (We have a car in this area.. all i ever wanted.) When we got to our apartment she informed me that... WE HAVE A PET CAT. her name is Sister Marsha and she is the cutest cuddly cat ever. She actually belongs to our neighbors but she likes us more... probably because she knows my future will be as a crazy cat lady. 

Saturday we went dooring and then to the ward Christmas party. It was a great opportunity for me to meet the members and dive into the area. Our branch is so cute and the members are amazing. The party was fun the theme was "Christmas around the world" and they had the members from different parts of the world share how they celebrate so it was really cool. 

Sunday we had church of course and then did some studies and then went with some members to a choir concert in Switzerland, it was an awesome concert and some members from Reinach were in the choir and their families were there so I was able to see some members again, which made my heart so happy. 

Monday we went dooring and had an appointment with Mansour. He's from Africa and the sisters had found him on a train two weeks ago. He was really open with us and was willing to read in the book of Mormon and meet with us again. And also as it turns out he's friends with the recent convert in this ward, so scooore. 

A little bit about my new companion: her name is Sister Cliett and she was born in Germany but lived in Miami and Kentucky for 12 years. But she already speaks German so that battle isn't one we must fight. She's super awesome. She has been on the mission for 5 weeks now, and I am her "step-mother". 
We have a car in this area which is all new to me, so I feel like instead of me training her, she is training me. Haha. How the tables turn. Sister Cliett is wonderful though and we are working well together, this next transfer is 8 weeks long and we are excited to work it together! Today she confessed that she was so worried to serve with me because she thought I'd be normal. The stress left her after about 5 minutes of being in the car with me. Hahahahahahaha. 

Let us remember the reason we have Christmas, it is for the Christ child, in celebration of His birth.  Luke 2:9-17. 

Love you all! Merry Christmas! 

Sister Carley Lundskog
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Lommelstraße 7
81479 München 

The one where I'm gonna miss this... 12/13/2017

Hey y'all, 

I don't have much time to write so I'll be quick, 

So transfers are on Friday, and I will be going to Bad Säckingen, and... I'm adopting! That means, I'll be finishing training a new sister there. She is from the group that came in 4 weeks ago and I had talked to her the whole train ride to Switzerland. She's really cool and so excited to work hard so we are going to have an awesome time together. 

This last week we had some awesome appointments, and I've loved every second. Saturday we had an ausstellung (street display) and it was so fun, the location was a little pathetic given the permission we received so last minute, but we made the most of it and met some really cool people. We also had our ward Christmas Saturday night and Kalppana came. It was amazing. The ward here is the absolute best and I'm going to miss them all so much. They did a bit of a talent show, and one woman yodeled, and when I told her that sometimes my mom yodels she got excited and said she would love to teach my mother to yodel. (So mom, your yodeling dreams can finally come true, I found you a professional teacher from the Schweiz!) A member also came in playing bagpipes, so it was all around fun. 

We had another lesson with Teame yesterday and passed him off to the elders. It was a really good lesson and even though it was all new to him he seemed to understand it really well. We also had a dinner appointment with the fam Fröhlichs last night, the wife comes from China so she made her families special recipe for spring rolls and I think I ate at least 60. They were so good and there were so many! 

Today we went to the Christmas market in Basel with Kalppana and I wanted to cry when we had to say goodbye to her. I just love her so much and she's such a cute, happy friend that I've made here in Reinach. 

We have some very busy days coming up before I leave and I'm so excited! Sad to leave, but excited to work. 

Love you all, have a great week! 
My dear brothers and sisters, it may be true that man is nothing in comparison to the greatness of the universe. At times we may even feel insignificant, invisible, alone, or forgotten. But always remember—you matter to Him! …God sees you not only as a mortal being on a small planet who lives for a brief season—He sees you as His child. He sees you as the being you are capable and designed to become. He wants you to know that you matter to Him”-President Dieter F Uchtdorf

Sister Carley Lundskog
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Lommelstraße 7
81479 München 

The one where "if it doesn't stink...we don't eat it." 12/5/2017

-the swiss about their cheese. 

It's been real, it's been fun, and it has actually been real fun! 

2 Nephi 2:25 Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.

Once again we ain't got Wi-Fi so hopefully this comes through someday. 

Sister Carley Lundskog
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Lommelstraße 7
81479 München 

The one where we have gotten 8 mcflurries in the past 2 weeks so if I'm looking a little chubby that's why 11/28/2017

Grüezi 😊
Ahhh the weeks go too fast!!!
Wednesday we had tausch (exchange..) with our STLs (sister training leaders) in Zolikofen. I went to Zolikofen with Sister Moffett, and Sister Svobodová came to Reinach to work with Sister Harwood. I learned so much with Sister Moffett about how to trick (okay not trick...I mean convince or talk so much they don't realize they could just say no) people into actually talking to us when we go dooring. It was so fun, and she is just an incredible missionary.
Thursday I returned back to Reinach and we had a FHV (relief society) activity. It was a Dankfest and the members were told to bring friends. And they did. There were so many friends who were there! It was such a lovely evening with the theme of gratitude, and the spirit was strong and testified to many. Sister Häner had brought her neighbor Mareen, and we talked the majority of the evening. She's soo nice! It started off with me just asking her questions about normal life to her asking all about what we do as missionaries and why it was so neat. Sister Häner told her that she invites us over often foe lunch or dinner and she said that she too would like to come and meet with us again. :) :) :)
Friday we had an appointment with Teame, a man we found while we were street contacting. He was 15 minutes early and was so interested! He's awesome, he's from Africa, but has been here for a few years now. Friday night we had a regional thanksgiving potluck! We invited Kalppana to come to that and she LOVED IT. She had so many questions about different aspects of her church I got to very casually teach her the word of wisdom, temples, missionary work, and bits and pieces of other lessons. Her eyes just kept getting so big and she'd be like 'YES. THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.' like, yeah it does, it's Christ's church. Ahh it was so fantastic. And Sister Häner had brought Mareen and her husband as well! I was sad I hadn't had a chance to talk to her more and I expressed that to her, but she assured me that we would be seeing each other again. Which makes me froh because I think she's so great and I want to be her friend forever and share with her the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring her peace and joy and love and happiness and all the good feels!
Saturday we had GMK at the Prellers. Bruder Preller informed me that he has been praying for the snow and cold JUST FOR ME. AHH he is just too thoughtful and too sweet, I just LOVE snow and being COLD. Ich freue mich! Wonderful! We spent the evening with Schwester Meyer, and she is just so wonderful and we could feel God's love for her so strongly. She's trying so hard to do what God asks her to do, and we know that God is pleased with her and her efforts. There's a quote by Elder Holland that says, "the great thing about the gospel is that we get credit for trying, even if we don't always succeed." Sincerely trying to live the gospel, is living the gospel. God knows we are going to make mistakes, we are only human, all he asks is that we try. And continue trying, even when times get tough or when we fail.
Sunday the Hugs had us over for lunch and we had tacos. Ahh good ol' tacos. I love Americans. I love tacos. I love Sundays. I love everything. Sister Hug and I were able to talk a lot, I just think she's so fantastic and I love talking to her. We were able to go dooring in Seewen and we had an experience that I will now share...
So we were dooring, just a typical Sunday dooring in Switzerland, the people were unhappy because "Sunday is not a good day" "a message about Jesus? Today is Sunday, go away. Maybe another day." HELLO EVERYDAY IS JESUS DAY, BUT ESPECIALLY SUNDAY. But then we found a cat. Or rather, a cat found us. And then another cat came. And we had a little cat party, is there any better way to boost your spirits than a cat party? I think not. But then we continued on our way, and one of our cat friends followed, for quite a while, at his own pace, but he came surely and steadily. UNTIL OUT OF NOWHERE AND I MEAN OUT OF NOWHERE ANOTHER CAT JUMPED OUT AND ATTACKED OUR CAT FRIEND. OUR POOR UNSUSPECTING CAT FRIEND!! our friend tried to follow us but the freaking Satan cat scared him away and we lost our friend. We had to keep dooring, because we can't stop salvation but we still sorrowed our lost cat. As we were walking to the bus at the end of our time we were talking about the horrific scene we had erlebt, and realized that it was something that actually happened quite often in our work. We find people, and we'll share a nice moment together but they don't all have interest to continue on in the journey, when we get one to come with us it's truly special, but that's when Satan is Satan. He works so hard against those who have the potential and progression. He'll come out of nowhere and just scare people away. It happens with us in our efforts, we've seen people progress until some hard thing happens and sometimes it shakes them and they stop meeting, sometimes they choose to rely on God. Many times that we meet with less active members it stems from the same problem. We need to make sure our foundations are sure. We need to stand steadfast and immovable so that when Satan attacks (and he will because he's satan and that's what he does) we can be prepared. We will not be moved, we won't be scared off, and we will be able to stand up against him and continue on God's paths. So that's what we got out of a cat party on Sunday. You were probably expecting something else when I had a story, but it's Reinach, and I attract cats, and it just was something a little different this week. I promise other more interesting things happen than fighting cats, but I can talk about those things another day.
Monday we had district meeting and it was something else. My district cracks me up, we just have so many different characters and personalities and it's just such a strange mixture of people but I love it. After district meeting we had another appointment with Teame...which got crashed by two of the Basel elders because they want him. It was a good lesson and it went really well but we weren't planning on doing a pass off lesson yet so we were really thrown off and Teame was really confused but he still wants to continue meeting and learning more.  We also had an appointment with a guy from Tahiti, he called us the other night and said he was am inactive member from Tahiti living in Switzerland and he wanted to meet with missionaries. It was so cool. He's a professional soccer player and he has a lot of things in his life but he feels like something is missing, so he turned back to the church! We had a really cool lesson with Anja there as well.
Today we switched our pday time and went finding in the morning so it wouldn't be dark and cold so people would actually want to talk to us and that worked out really well, we met a really cool guy and he gave us his contact information to meet him later. After finding we went to interlaken and spent the day in Thun and Interlaken. We had wanted to ride a boat and spend the day on Thunsee but it's winter so they told us no.. so we went HIKING and enjoyed the city instead. It was a beautiful day! 
1 Nephi 19: 22-23 
22 Now it came to pass that I, Nephi, did teach my brethren these things; and it came to pass that I did read many things to them, which were engraven upon the plates of brass, that they might know concerning the doings of the Lord in other lands, among people of old.
23 And I did read many things unto them which were written in the books of Moses; but that I might more fully persuade them to believe in the Lord their Redeemer I did read unto them that which was written by the prophet Isaiah; for I did liken all scriptures unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning.
Nephi was the perfect example for us of how we should read, study, and teach from the scriptures. The scriptures are so easily applicable to us in these days, we just need to like them unto, that we may profit and learn from them. That's why we have scriptures, and that is how we can get the most out of them. 

Have a great week you guys! I love you all!
(Several pictures of interlaken... Sister Harwood and I...oooh so pretty. Telephone booth full of nasty spidies... sunset while dooring... cutie Kalppana and I) + more pictures coming later, we left the camera at home so I'll send those when we are home and it'll come out when we have Wi-Fi tomorrow (it'll be sent during pday time just not delivered 😊

Sister Carley Lundskog
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Lommelstraße 7
81479 München 

The one where I don't have a vegetarian companion anymore so we had a meat fest 11/21/2017

Hey y'all:)

Another fantastic week down. Tuesday night I tausched with the Munich 2 sisters and had my 4th sleepover with Sister La Fontaine on the mission. Somehow we managed to sneak that in there even though we are serving in different zones...and countries. Haha I love Sister La Fontaine and Sister Barnett. We went by on a former investigator couple and that was cool. We looked a little homely carrying around an oven rack, a bag with cake mixes and pans, and me with my suit case but we managed to have a good time. 

Wednesday I got to ride the train back to Switzerland with some of the new missionaries. Their excitement was contagious. It was so fun to talk to them and hear their expectations for the mission. I love the cutie little baby missionaries. ♡♡ I remember being one of them not toooo long ago. Ahh cuties. I picked up my new companion Sister Harwood in Zurich and we traveled back to Reinach together. She's wonderful and we get along great. It's been a fun week together.

Thursday we had absolutely nothing going on... (oops, should have planned for that one better, but you learn something new everyday.) We went street finding in Basel and then went by on some potentials Sister Gach and I had found. It was a good day, and I was able to show Sister Harwood around our area (and the elders area.. ha ha). Oh and we got doored by two JW's, so it was interesting to be on the other side of the door and see what their dooring techniques are. 

Friday we were supposed to have another Skype appointment with Beatrice but she had something come up so we went dooring instead. Then we had GMK with Bruder Preller and his sweet wife and that was great. I love the Prellers so much. Then we did lots of dooring in our area, found 7 cats, got let in, and met this cutie old man who invited us to come back. 

Saturday we helped out with a primary activity making crafts for the ward Christmas party. (How is it almost Christmas?? This isn't real.) We were able to help the kids make their decorations and get to know the primary leaders better since we never see them in relief society. After that we had lunch with the Schaffters and that was good and delicious. The Schaffters are a really awesome family in our ward and they are so supportive of the work, they are the best and I appreciate all they do for us so much! We had to run from their home to catch the bus going to Seewen for an appointment with Markus (a man we found the same day we found Annette. We had given him a book of Mormon and he couldn't stop flipping through it and looking at it, and then we went back 2 weeks ago and he gave his his numbers so we could set something up.) We accidentally got on the wrong bus (totally my fault I was in the middle of texting Sister Hug, who was coming to teach with us and I didn't even look at the bus I just got on and poor Sister Harwood just followed because she's still figuring the area out.) And so we missed our bus and the buses only come once an hour on Saturdays. Luckily Sister Hug is the best and loves us and has a car so she came and got us and we were very punctual to our appointment. Markus let us in, and then said "so since we set up this appointment, I've been trying to decide what I want to talk about with you guys." So our plans went a little out the window as he had something planned. But it went pretty well. He told us that about 2 weeks before Sister Gach and I came to him he had been asking for direction, and help. And then we showed up and he kept asking who sent us. The whole appointment he just kept asking why we had chosen to talk to him, or to go to his house. Why him. I think it became very clear to him that God knows who he is, and answered his plea for help. In the lesson Sister Hug gave such a powerful testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It's such a special thing to have members teach with you, and the members here are so willing and excited for missionary work!

Sunday we met with Leonie, a girl the sisters had found in the summer. She was soo open with us and we're hoping to find time to meet with her again before I leave! In relief society we did "speed friendshipping" which is basically just speed dating but making friends, it was so fun to talk to some of the women in our ward I haven't quite met yet. And it was quite funny, Sister Lucas had passed out bags filled with questions so we had to use those and go from there. Some of the old ladies were so confused, but some absolutely loved it and went crazy, it was hilarious. Never a dull moment in FHV. 

Monday we had district meeting and it was sooo good. Also we have a "new missionary" in our district and it was cute to watch him try and speak German and get the hang of things. Aaahh the good old days of not understanding a thing. One of the members from the Basel ward came in while we were eating lunch and I got to talk to her and she told me her life story and I just love her. She was so sweet, cutie old ladies have my heart. We went streeting in Basel and met some cool people, and then we went dooring in Reinach and found some potentials. While we were in Basel some students stopped us to do a survey. This week has definitely been a turn of events, we got doored and stopped on the street. Hahaha ahh so fun. Oh and a high tech bathroom in the middle of the city almost ate my companion. That was funny too. 

Today we spent the day at the temple and I loved every sacred second. I'm sad that I may not be able to come to the temple again on my mission, but it was a lovely day. While we were in the temple changing to go in this woman came and started talking to us, she was looking at Sister Harwood so I just kept doing my thing but I realized that Sister Harwood didn't understand her so I started listening and realized the woman wasn't speaking German, she was speaking Italian and she wanted us to do some of her family names. So I told her we would do them, and she handed us each a name and disappeared. (Don't ask me how I did that because I don't know.) On our way to the temple we saw our friend Kalppana and invited her to our church's thanksgiving potluck and told her she could bring a friend...she said she would come and she already has a friend she's wanting to invite! Ah she's the best. 

It's been such a wonderful week, with so many wonderful people! 

"During an informal fireside address held with a group of adult Latter-day Saints, the leader directing the discussion invited participation by asking the question: “How can you tell if someone is converted to Jesus Christ?” For forty-five minutes those in attendance made numerous suggestions in response to this question, and the leader carefully wrote down each answer on a large blackboard. All of the comments were thoughtful and appropriate. But after a time, this great teacher erased everything he had written. Then, acknowledging that all of the comments had been worthwhile and appreciated, he taught a vital principle: “The best and most clear indicator that we are progressing spiritually and coming unto Christ is the way we treat other people.”" -Marvin J Ashton.  
How we treat people shows people so much more what we believe than anything we say. One can say they believe in Christ but their actions may say otherwise. Be kind, be wise, and love everyone. 

Have a great week everyone! Love you all! 

Liebe Gruße,
Sister Lundskog ♡

Sister Carley Lundskog 
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT 
Lommelstraße 7
81479 München 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The one where Sister Gach went home and I went back to Munich... 11/14/2017


Wow what a week! We had so many appointments! Wednesday we had a lesson with Nicole, a woman found the transfer before I came but that we finally made contact with. She had missionaries come to her over 20 years ago but then they never came back. We showed her the book of Mormon and explained it to her. She asked us about what we believe about the after life and when we said we believe we can live with our families forever she told us that she would not like that and she wouldn't like to a lot of people again nor does she want life to go on... it was really sad honestly. But we talked about how God knows us perfectly and that He will take care of everything and we will have so much joy. She said she'll study the book of Mormon and pray about it. :) We then went and had a lesson with Maria and her daughter, they are from Brazil. We taught the plan of salvation and it went really well. They are such a cute, sweet family, and my Portuguese comprehension is slowly but surely improving:))) Wednesday night we did the Young Women's activity. We talked about missionary work and played some games and answered all of the young women's questions about missions. Our ward has such solid and amazing young women. I think a lot of them will serve missions. It was a super awesome evening. One of the girls asked if we had family pictures..the reactions to my (giant) family picture(s) were hilarious. They were all so shocked at the size of my family, Sister Gach and I were laughing so hard. 

Thursday we went to Schwester Schulers and Bruder Caló was there as a mitbeleherung (a joint teach, aka he taught her with us.) We taught about the spirit world, temple work, and family history work. Bruder Caló was so helpful and has a lot of experience with it. Schw. Schuler made us lunch, and there happened to be meat, so I finally got to eat some meat...and also watch Sister Gach eat meat. Bahahaha poor thing. Then we met with Marilou before her appointment. Marilou is so sweet. She's having a hard time but she is honestly so strong. She's a good example to us of strength, and the gospel will only help make her stronger. We also were invited to the Lucas families home for dinner and we had vegetarian tacos and American brownies! It was awesome. Sister Lucas told us all about her mission and about life after the mission. 

Friday we were able to have a lesson with Beatrice over Skype. It went really really well. She's amazing and I love her. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and she listened and understood it so well. She forgot to take her book of Mormon with her to Spain and she was so sad. She shyly asked if there was anyway to read it online or if there was "an online version" when we told her there was she was so froh! Beatrice is just so funny and sweet, I'm glad we are still able to meet with her and teach her over Skype while she's in Spain. :) 

Saturday we spent the day in Zurich, we had a zone conference and Elder Johnson from the area authority was there. It was such an awesome zone conference. Elder Johnson spoke to us for a while and the opened it up for questions. It gave all of us a chance to ask questions we had and see his thoughts on them. There were some interesting questions asked but he gave such good answers, and you could tell he was led by the spirit with his answers. He's a really awesome authority and I'm grateful for the opportunity we had to hear from him. It was also really good to see Sister Mellor, Sister Hunter, and Sister Hill again. I love those awesome sisters!

Sunday we went to Bruder Prellers and had a quick delicious lunch and then we drove with him and the Lichtblaus to stake conference in Zolikofen. I sat next to Sister Lichtblau and she told me all sorts of stories from her life and all of the miracles she's seen and experienced. I could probably listen to her all day  (and she could definitely talk all day). Sister Lichtblau has such strong faith and truly has seen so many miracles in her life. She is such a strong woman and an example of having faith to see the miracles. She doesn't have any doubts, she just believes. She's wonderful and I love her so much. The stake conference was really good. There was am interesting talk with props and a fairy tale and I felt like I was at the timpanogos story telling festival, but it got the children's attention and she tied the three little pigs into the gospel really well. We spent the evening packing and preparing to go to Munich early the next morning.. 

Yesterday we left our apartment bright and early and spent the day traveling to Munich. We went out to dinner with President and Sister Brown and then spent the evening in the mission home. This morning Sister Gach left and got on a plane headed home, and Sister McAllister and Sister Slack came and picked me up for a day in Munich. It's been so good to be back here, I love Munich! I go back to Switzerland tomorrow afternoon and will be picking up my companion Sister Harwood in Zurich and then we will travel to Reinach tomorrow. It's been a lot of traveling the last few days but it's been good. 

Sister Gach has been such a great companion. I have loved serving with her and I've learned so much from her. I have seen myself grow so much from her example (and her cooking lolol but really...we be growing). I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve with such a great missionary. I've learned something from each of my companions that I wouldn't have learned with anyone else. Ahhh I love all of my companions! I can't believe Sister Gach is going home and that missions aren't forever... I just really love my mission and this opportunity to dedicate my time to serving the Lord. ♡

"Once again may I emphasize the principle that when we truly become converted to Jesus Christ, committed to Him, an interesting thing happens: our attention turns to the welfare of our fellowman, and the way we treat others becomes increasingly filled with patience, kindness, a gentle acceptance, and a desire to play a positive role in their lives. This is the beginning of true conversion. Let us open our arms to each other, accept each other for who we are, assume everyone is doing the best he or she can, and look for ways to help leave quiet messages of love and encouragement instead of being destructive with bashing." -Marvin J Ashton 

Sister Carley Lundskog
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Lommelstraße 7
81479 München