Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The One; Arrival at the Preston England MTC


Okay so after flying and being stuck for what feels like absolutely forever I am here in England at the MTC!  My first flight to Atlanta I sat next to two very kind gentlemen. Also our plane was like 80% missionaries it was great! Everyone was leaving the MTC and going to Florida. Flying from Atlanta to Manchester I sat next to this really nice girl from North Carolina. She kept asking questions about the mission and it kind of got me going "what have I gotten myself into???" But I am so excited! I absolutely love it here. It's soo green and beautiful and wonderful and I LOVE the President & his wife and all of the missionaries! 
SOO, I have family here!! Grandpa Parley's sisters grandson is here and he's so so so nice. He told me I look like his Grandma. lol. so as I said, very nice. I guess my skirt is a little grandma ish. Also, because of how the transfers worked we are able to be around for the Elders last week here! (the ones I was friends with before they left)! They love it here and are so pumped for us to be here! There are 70 missionaries in this MTC so we  are all going to be like family!  Love love love it here…

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Sister Hunter is my companion! We totally called it! Ahh we are gonna roll and rock the MTC! But seriously, Sister Hunter and I have been so close for months now and we have been hoping for this. It's so cool!

Well I love you, du bist der beste!

With love,
Sister Lundskog

PS, Tuesday's will be my P-Day soo I will send more then!

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