Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The one where I don't have any idea for a subject line this week so I'll just make it really long because this email certainly isn't.

Liebe Freunde,

So Sister Hill and I decided that we wanted to become runners... Natürlich... so about 2 weeks ago we started running. It was all fun and games at first (by fun I mean hard and by games I mean we couldn't breathe) but then it turned into a disaster  (by disaster I mean shin splints and cankles). That probably makes me sound pathetic and out of shape (I am), but the fact that we are in fact in Austria and Austria is built upon cobblestones...well the two just don't want to cooperate. 😊 but we don't let my shin splints and swollen ankles stop us from running!  (OR from walking around all of Vienna all day everyday trying to spread the wonderful gospel). I just really gotta get my shins together!

Sister Johnson gave us some chocolate sandwich things that were filled with some sort of spicy filling.. on the package it said for ages 16+ because it was so hot. We died.

The weird fail of a panoramic picture was the view outside our apartment twice this week.. there were 5 Polizei vans, 1 regular Polizei car, about 10 Polizist, and some news people. We have absolutely no idea why or what happened, but it was almost like watching an action movie. Almost. Except without the action, drama, and plot. 

So on Friday Vienna had a "Lange Nacht der Kirchen", where every church in Austria just opened their doors and let anyone come in and look around and ask questions, no pressure or anything. Our church has never been invited to participate, but this year our ward decided to unofficially be a part of it. So Sister Hill and I, and two members from the Bishopric and some other members stayed at the church Friday evening for an open house. They played Meet the Mormons (never thought the first time I would see that movie would be in another language...) and just waited and hoped for something. About 30 minutes before we were going to lock up the church and be done for the night a man we had met at the Bezirksgesundtag thing came. He went on a tour with Bruder Enenkel through our church building and then we joint taught the restoration with Bruder Enenkel. It was awesome. (and just shows that patience is a virtue, and miracles don't come until after the trial of your faith..and/patience lol). It was a good night. 

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: I HAVE A NEW NEPHEW. Miles Samuel Maag! He is an absolute beaut, my sister done did good! Just being the proud aunt that I am, I had to share that special piece of information. 

We forgot to take pictures this week, but we had a few random selfies. (Sorry enjoy those awkward treasures).

Liebe Grüße,

Sister Lundskog

"Whether or not we serve as full-time missionaries, each of us has the opportunity to share the gospel and serve those around us." -President Thomas S. Monson 

 And here is handsome Miles!

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