Friday, July 21, 2017

The one where the hills were alive with the sound 7/4/2017

Hey. Hallo. Bonjour. Ciao. Hola. Servus. Hi. It's, me. 

So this week we made it our goal to go through all of our area books (somehow we had several, and since we used to have elders in this area we have theirs as well). So we have been going through the area books and have started going by former investigators. And....nobody has been home. We've also been trying to get to know less active members! And...nobody has been home. But we've met some cool people in the areas we've gone to. On Sunday night we just went dooring and there was a cool Australian guy who has apparently met Mormons before and absolutely loved them. He took a card and said he'd be in contact.. and then we ran into him like 3 more times that evening in different places and it was strange. But he was nice.

So the night before my first p-day Sister Hill asked me what I wanted to do. I told her I wanted to go hiking or take a nap. She looked at me like I was nuts. Because we are in Vienna and Vienna is known for 100000 things, not hiking. I'm still not sure what those other things are because we've had 10 other pdays and I cant even reremember what we've seen..but today was the best p-day of all the p-days because we went HIKING. Who even knew that there were mountains near us? I certainly didn't because all we see are buildings, but our tourist book said there was a mountain, so we went. And LOVED IT. I feel like my body and mind just kept screaming "thank you I love you this is where I belong" which is probably why I teared up as we entered the forest. I am once again one with my mountains (well not my mountains, my mountains are in Utah..) But I'm just very happy right now. I also got to pet a cat, so I mean, what more could I ask for? 

Wednesday we went on an adventure to talk to a lawyer. Pretty exciting stuff, I had to sign some papers about our apartment. After all was signed he asked me "so are you here on a German visa or an Austrian visa?" I responded, "neither. " I think he nearly had a heart attack, but so did I. So. What can ya do?­čĄĚ‍♀️

On Saturday all of the missionaries in Vienna got together and had a Wien finding day on Mariahilferstra├če. We were able to do exchanges with the other sisters and just bring all of our finding and contacting ideas together. We all had one purpose, one goal, and it was amaaaaazing. I love missionaries.

Sunday, Kelsie and Nate came to my ward! (Sister+husband of my sister in law). Komisch, because the last time I saw Kelsie she was pregnant, and now she has a 9 month old baby! So fun to see them and [attempt] to translate everyone's testimonies for them. There was also a cute couple from Naples Florida visiting, which happens to be the only city in Florida that I actually know something about because that's the only place I've been. Turns out, when Jenni (my sister) lived in Florida, they were in the same ward. The world becomes so small when the church becomes involved. 

We have transfers next week and one of us will be leaving, so that's crazy. 

Ether 12:12 For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith.

Love you all, make good choices, remember who you are and more importantly whose you are, and enjoy celebrating the freedom that you've been blessed with!

Liebe Gr├╝├če, 
Sister Lundskog 

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