Friday, July 21, 2017

The One with all the tender mercies 7/11/2017

Hey, it's me, again! 

This week has been WUNDERBAR. So on Wednesday we met with our neubekehrt (recent convertss ) wife. From what we knew about her before was that she had absolutely no interest in the church, but she finally asked him if she could meet us so we taught her and she is AMAZING. Holy cow she just absorbed everything and said that she has been reading in the book of Mormon and she really loves what we teach and believe. She was the sweetest woman ever! After that we had Austausch (exchanges) and Sister Leonard came to Wien 1 to serve with me and Sister Hill went to Wien 3. Sister Leonard started the tausch by only speaking German to me, which I didn't know I was capable of speaking so much german! It was so awesome. We just spoke German all of time that we were outside, which was all day. We had the BEST DAY finding. I have never had so much fun finding and street contacting. We went to the university and talked to so many people and just had so much fun meeting people. We even set up an appointment with someone right there on the street!! (That like....never happens.. or at least it was the first time for both of us.) It was just way cool. Missionary work really can be fun! And it is fun! Sister Leonard and I just clicked with working together and just got so much done. It was just wonderful. Probably the best day so far on the mission. ♡

When we Tausched back on Thursday, a random number called us. It was one of the former investigators we had gone by on that had actually been home! We set up an appointment to meet. And then within 30 minutes of setting the appointment we received a text with him changing the plans of where to meet because he wanted to go by the Donau and have a picnic and go swimming. We told him we could only meet at the institute and that we would talk about the gospel. He canceled. And then over the next hour we received 47 texts from him (it killed our phone battery and we ran out of space on our phone). Needless to say.. if he does have actual interest the elders will take him. Lol. We were so excited to see our work paying off! Hahahaha. 

Friday we went to Salzburg again and met our new mission president and his wife and son. We are so blessed. President and Sister Brown are awesome and I'm so excited to work with them! We had interviews in companionships so they could get to know everyone. I introduced myself and he said "oh.. so you're the sister that needs to get transferred.." 😅I'm off to a great start! They are super nice and they have some great ideas for our mission. Sister Brown shared her testimony and conversion story and I just tried not to cry the whole time because the spirit was so strong!

Saturday we got transfer calls! Except, due to my interview with the president, we weren't too surprised to find out that I'll be leaving and Sister Hill will be staying here in Wien. I am going to Munich tomorrow! It's going to be a nice change, and I'm excited! Our ward had a grill fest (nothing like an American barbeque but it was still nice). We had another little miracle happen there. A few weeks ago when we had been calling former investigators I called some guy from Canada (it was a really awkward phone call because he answered in French and I spoke German and then he spoke English and then I tried French and it was just a train wreck and ended in english..) anyway, he had said that his family was in Switzerland for the week but to let him know if we had any activities coming up, so I invited him to the grill fest and he brought his family and the ward just absorbed them as some of their own! He and his family were awesome. One of the families is going to try and get them to come over for a family home evening sometime and have the sisters come! 

Sunday I had to say goodbye to the ward. It was so hard. I love the ward so much and everyone there. After church we had lunch at a members. They gave us Knödel and soup und marillenknödel for dessert. It was an interesting time. They live like 40 minutes out of the city (driving) and so we were able to see some beautiful forests and hills and houses and the Donau on the drive there, and some more lovely scenery on the train ride home. SO PRETTY. I'm going to miss Austria! 

Monday we had 2 out of 3 appointments fall out, but we also had a wicked cool thunderstorm, so it wasn't too shabby of a day. We called lots of former investigators and we now have a potential! 

Today we spent the day packing and cleaning since I'll be leaving for germany tomorrow 🙃🙃

The church is true folks! And it's exciting!! Share it with everyone, the more people you share it with the more will accept it!

1 Nephi 9:6 But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words. And thus it is. Amen.

Love you all! 

Liebe Grüße, 
Sister Lundskog 

(Pictures: train ride to Salzburg ft, elder Richardson; Elda, my favorite person ever,  GRILL FEST, Baagii♡, Sister Leondard and I, Sister Haynie and I, selfie, district selfie)  

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