Friday, July 21, 2017

The one where I finally get a visa 7/18/2017

I am in München 1 with Sister McAllister. My new address is:

Kirche Jesu Christi HLT, Alpenländische Mission 
Sister Carley Lundskog 
Francéstraße 6 
D-80997 München 

So my first day here we had a lesson, in English. And then we taught an English class. Hahahahaha what even is German. Thursday we went to a less active families for lunch, and the mom stated that we don't need to keep the commandments since we are already saved. Her son (a nonmember) argued back with her and told her she was wrong. She also said we don't need the book of Mormon because we have the bible. Her son again told her she was wrong. (He's a Catholic and doesn't want to convert but yet he defends our religion like none other lol). It was interesting. She fed us stuffed papers (now I can finally say I've had stuffed peppers with the peppers) but the peppers were in a soup kind of with mashed potatoes. That's one of my favorite things that they do here. I had it a few times in Vienna (similarish... we had chili with mashed potatoes and it's to die for). We had pecan ice cream for dessert. After we visited with them we went to the mission office to fill our my visa papers with Sister Gildner. Then we went and had a picnic with another less active and had sandwiches and peaches and read in the book of Mormon. Friday we got up and went to the visa place. The plan was to wake up at 6 and take the 7:00 bus but Sister McAllister didn't get out of bed until needless to say we got there around 8:30 maybe, anmelded, and then waited in line for 2 hours to apply for my visa. About 30 minutes left in the line and they stopped taking applications for the day. They close at 3. It was like 11:30. It was a bummer. After that we had a lesson with an investigator. Her name is Katja and she is from Russia. The lesson was a mix of English and German. It was rough. She at one point said "why would God send 2 imperfect people to an imperfect person to teach about an imperfect church?" She wasn't happy. But she still wants to meet. Our other appointment on Friday fell through. Saturday we played soccer. It was the missionaries (we have elders and sisters in this ward, one of the elders is Becky Peterson's brother in law), some members, and some investigators. You know how Germans are known for being good at soccer? It's true, also south Americans are too, and that's what we had at soccer.. a bunch of Germans, a bunch of South Americans, and 4 American missionaries, 2 of which played soccer in high school. It was scary because they were all good at soccer and I hate sports. But it was interesting. We went from there to an appointment with an investigator who has a mental disability.  We read in the book of Mormon with her and answered her questions. She's very scared she's going to go to hell. It's sad. Our last appointment fell out on Saturday as well. Sunday we had church, I spoke. Our investigator/gospel principle class was really interesting because the teacher kept changing languages... He spoke German, Spanish, English, and Italian or something because there were a lot of investigators who didn't speak English or who didn't speak German so he just had to switch between all of the languages. It was kind of crazy. After church we taught a girl from Columbia, it was a Spanish lesson because she doesn't speak too much German yet. So we spoke in English to a member who translated to Spanish. It was a way awesome lesson because he shared his conversion story with her and it was such a cool story, the spirit was SO strong! We had a ward pot luck after that. Sunday night we had a stake sisters conference. It was so empowering. Also it was really neat because I understood the whole thing. In german. I had to translate a few words but I understood what was being said I just had to translate the words so I could learn them better. The young women got up and sang "Gethsemane" in english and I just wanted to sob it was so beautiful. They also gave time for sharing testimonies.. It reminded me of girls camp and now I want to go to girls camp and also be a young women's leader. Monday we left the apartment at 6:20, waited in line for like 2 hours and guess what? I have a visa! They didn't even care that I was over my 90 days. Hip hip I'm legal! We had district meeting and then 2 appointments fell out so we did some finding.

Hopefully that helps you feel caught up in my life hahaha. Packing was rough. Mostly because I don't know where all of my crap came from and why it wouldn't fit. I had to leave some stuff in Wien but it's fine cause I didn't use it or it didn't fit anymore anyway. But I was able to bring my stuff and get here with no problems. I traveled with 6 elders. No sisters. It was strange. Also 3 of the elders were dying and so it was interesting to hear their plans or talk about dating again. It was a strange and long train ride. 

As for how I'm feeling.. I'm feeling a bit rough. I miss Wien. I miss the ward, I miss finding there, i miss the people. I loved Wien. It really was a great place to be born and I kind of hope I can go back again on my mission. Munich is great, but it takes a really long time to get anywhere though. Usually 40 minutes to an hour so it's hard to feel productive or effective or whatnot.  

I ate toast with nutella and bananas while reading your email, that was the first thing I ate in the last like...24 hours. Sister McAllister and her comp didn't go shopping last p-day so we have been really low on food. 

So my diet has changed pretty drastically since I was in Wien. Mostly because there was no food here, and partly because food here is different. For breakfast I have toast and nutella, we have eaten out every day For lunch...usually from a bakery, on Saturday though we got Mexican and that was pretty good, dinner we usually make weißwurst and pretzels, or once I made pasta.

I have a request! Is there anyway you could get workout videos on a flash drive? Or a DVD (or even pdf through email) but a flash drive would be better cause I could use it on my tablet.  It could be in .mov form or .mp4 and I think it would work. I just want to have more effective frühsport and I think that could be fun? But we don't have weights or exercise equipment so I just am a pathetic exerciser but I want to be better! Have any ideas!? Is it even possible to get exercise videos on a flash drive? I don't even know. But if it is possible that could be cool. If not, if you just have some fun work out routines or could find some Pinterest stuff I'd love it. 

Sister Peterson (from our stake) and I just chat it up all the time when we see each other. I'm not going to lie I really hoped I was going to be companions with her this transfer.  I still really want to be companions with her before she goes home in December. She's awesome, and we have a good time. It would be way cool to serve with her.

Love yooooou

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