Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The One in Vienna

Hallo everyone, 

So we left for Germany suuuuuuper early on Tuesday last week, Sister Hunter and I did not even sleep because Sister Hunter hadn't packed yet and I knew she was stressed so I stayed up and helped her pack up and get her bags to the approved weight... So that was great. When we got to Germany we were met by President Kohler and his wife and the AP's. We loaded up our stuff into a van and then us new missionaries and the AP's got on a train and headed to the mission home. On the train we were all given a Book of Mormon and had to give it out. Which was real exciting and scary. I didn't end up giving one out but Sister Pugh and I had a really intersesting conversation with a lady about God, it was really cool. Once we got to the mission home we got some lunch and had a lot of training. and I got a wonderous package from the most amazing mother on the planet (DANKE SCHÖN mama!! Du bist der beste!) I only took some of the stuff from the package and had to leave the rest of it to be brought to me later at zone conference.. I've been living off of the sour watermelons from the package for the past week but they are basically gone now so I'll probably just starve and die. 

We ate dinner at the presidents house and had a testimony meeting and got our assignments. Then we stayed in a hostel in Munchin (finally was able to sleep after 38 hours straight of being awake), and in the morning we went to the train station and split off. (Scary and sad...) Sister Peterson (from our stake at home) was there and that was really nice to see her. 

When I got to Wien I was greeted by Sister Hill and a few other missionaries (including Elder Richardson/aka second cousin) so it was nice to see a familiar face when I got here. Sister Hill is super great and nice. I got to Wien in the evening so I just unpacked and we went to bed. Thursday morning we were supposed to have a lesson with a recent convert but Sister Hill forgot to confirm the time so he never showed up (which unfortunately was a relief to me because I was/am still trying to catch up on sleep). We then had our studies and then we taught Deutschkurs and English course (I taught English and she taught German). It's a service the church has the missionaries do here twice a week. So that was exciting. After Deutschkurs they have a spielabend to get investigators/anyone intersted to come and play games so we played scrabble (auf Deutsch) and Uno and pool, so reallllllllly fun. After that we finally went home and ate dinner. Which we do at like 8pm every night so I'm always starving.

I don't know how Sister Hill survived because when I got to our apartment there was like no food and she said she doesn't eat much so she didn't think about it too much... that didn't go for me and we had an emergency shopping trip on Saturday because I was soooooooo hungry. 

We've done lots of dooring and street contacting and that's been interesting. I have no idea what anyone is saying back to us because they talk so fast and Sister Hill hardly ever remembers what they said to clarify it for me or she just shrugs it off lol. So it's frustrating. The first lady I went up to and talked to on my own actually spoke English! Haha she asked if I could speak English because she didn't know German. She is from Poland and she was super nice. 

In Europe they have the new to the ward missionaries go up and introduce themselves and share their testimony so I was able to do that on Sunday. After church we ate lunch with the Bishop and his family. It was soooo good. They made spätzle and pizza. He kept asking if I wanted more, and I didn't want to lie so I would say yes. It got to the point where he just dumped the whole big pan on my plate and had me eat all of the rest of it. He was so happy that they finally had a sister missionary who could eat. So so good. Also they spoke english like the whole time so that was nice and not stressful.

Last night we had dinner and FHE at a member families house and they had a friend who is a non-member over. We had a really interesting discussion about the Plan of Salvation and agency and repentance and stuff.. He had a lot of questions and has apparently met with missionaries before and just continues to go in circles since he gets caught up on little details.. but I'm sure he'll come around eventually if he finds the desire.

I had my first döner today, which was SO GOOD. They are originally from Turkey but they are so good. I couldn't even tell you what all is in it or what kind of meat it was, but it was incredible. We then went to a park and walked around and then sat on a bench in the sun and just relaxed. Today was the first warm day since I've been here and the sun was so nice. 

Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber mein Zeugnis ist stärk!

I love you allllllll!

Ps I don't have access to wifi all the time anymore, but when I do the emails are always fun to read later during journal time! 

Also, here is my new address! I'll probably be here for a while so it's a safe address to send mail to :) 

Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Sister Carley Lundskog 
Hormayrgasse 59/9
A 1170
Wien, Österreich

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