Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The One Where there are no Kangaroos in Austria

Hello my dear sweet friends, 

So there is a long time saying here of "there are no kangaroos in Austria". Which, after today I can tell you otherwise. We went to the zoo! There were at least 5 kangaroos! Nothing like Australia, but there ARE kangaroos in Austria.. so that's that. 

Ahhhhh what a glorious time and place to be sharing the good word of God! Did I mention ALL THREE SPEAK ENGLISH?! So wonderful! One of them has kind of been an investigator for a while but at the same time...not. She's just been friends with the sisters for a really long time but that's as far as it's gone. I met her for the first time yesterday for brunch with a member who she is really good friends with. We were finally able to establish our purpose as missionaries and she has agreed to start taking the lessons every week! We are so excited to work with her every week because she is absolutely incredible! I only met Kat once but I just love her so much and the gospel will help her so much! The other two are in Vienna for school, and they are so sweet! They were referrals from a recent convert in Linz, and they are just so ready for the gospel. We met them last Wednesday and will be meeting with them again this Wednesday evening! 
We also received a call from some random lady who when we answered and said we were the sisters she said: "hello I know about your church and I would like to be baptized." (Except, in German of course.) So we will be meeting with her tomorrow afternoon, we're hoping all goes well! 

Quick rundown of the last week: This last week has been very similar to all of the rest except for the part where we got investigators and people are actually willing to speak to us. On Thursday we went to lunch with the Wien Ehepaar  (senior couple). They are awesome. And wonderful. And lunch was delicious, as is the majority of food here. Friday we taught the English course again, and Sister Hill and I decided that English is a terrible language and we are going to strive to be fluent german so we never have to speak English again. (A bit dramatic but it may actually get us to learn German...seeing how we both desperately need to.) Saturday we decided to go by a few less-actives and share a quick message...and well... NONE of them were home! But we were able to do lots of klingling around where they live. Sunday was Mutterstag! The primary kids went up in sacrament and sang cute songs and then gave flowers to every woman! It was precious and we treasured our flowers until they were stolen about 2 hours later. Skype was so wonderful and exciting! Yesterday we met with Kat, had zone training, and then studied for a quick sec (really though only a quick sec) and then went to FHA at the bishops house with an part-member less active family. 

So basically, just an exciting last week! This next week is going to be sooooo crazy busy. We are really excited but also just hoping that a miracle will happen and we will have time to study. 

My invitation to you this week, is to read "A Royal Generation" by Dean L Larsen, it is a talk from the April 1983 general conference and it is stellar. We are not on the earth at this time on accident. We need to do our best to reach the potential we are capable of, and qualify for the work that the Lord needs us to do. "Study the scriptures and encourage the other members of your family to do so. Say your prayers and do all you can to influence other members of your family to pray. Pay your tithes. Obey the Word of Wisdom. Be chaste. You may have a greater influence than you have thought possible, if you will do your own part."
"Let us prove by the way we live and serve that we are everything the Lord expects us to be."

I love you all so so I much!

♡/Sister Lundskog 

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