Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The One With All the Meal Appointments


I am just so excited to say hello! This last week was a really great week! We stayed super busy which was awesome! So Tuesday nights we go to Caritas (Caritas is kind of like an Austrian DI... They sell clothes for super cheap to refugees). Anyway, we go to Caritas every Tuesday night to help serve them. We usually just go through clothes and organize them and help clean things up. Unfortunately the location that we went and helped at got shut down, so last week was our last week doing that. It was really hard to say goodbye to the people who are always there since they have always been so nice and are sort of like family to us sisters. 

Wednesday all of the missionaries in Wien went to lunch with a member in our stake (Bruder Von Rosen, we call it the Von Rosen Lunch). He is very well off and has been a member at the oldest tennis club in Austria for over 50 years.. so he treats all of the missionaries to a nice lunch once a month. So that was really fun just to get out and talk to the other missionaries, as well as hear stories from Bruder Von Rosen. He has done so many cool things in his life. Wednesday night we met with one of the sisters and taught her the first lesson. She absorbed it! She was so excited when we gave her a Book of Mormon because she loves reading. She told us she was going to try to read as much as she could over the weekend. It was adorable. 

Thursday we had a bezirksgesundtag (district health day). Wien as a city is split up into districts and the district that we live in had a health day so the church had gotten a place to present the word of wisdom. So Sister Hill, and I, and two other members from our ward were able to be at a stand for the majority of Thursday and give out word of wisdom pamphlets. It was quite interesting! Sister Hill and I got our first sunburns of the year! Crazy stuff. Thursdayevening we had a dinner appointment with some members and they let us practice teaching the first lesson in German to them. 

Friday, we had some finding time and then had GMK (ward mission coordination meeting? or something I don't know it in english.. we met with our GML... so our ward mission leader..) He was actually just released and now we will be having a new mission leader so that will be an interesting change! We'll see how it goes! We then had a dinner appointment with some more members, which was just a very interesting occasion and I'm not quite sure what to even say about it... Except that we almost couldn't leave and we got home after curfew. The member who invited us over thought that any visit less than 3 hours was rude, because you don't even have enough time to eat all of your food. Which in her case, was almost true. It was way fun though, she is the sweetest woman ever and I love her.  

Sunday we had a lunch appointment with some members and a recent convert. We love working with the members. Our ward is the best, the members are so strong and I just love getting to know them. They are all filled with ideas since they are all either converts, or were missionaries at some point. 

Monday we had district meeting, which because one of the missionaries in our district from before went home, we were combined with the other Wien district. It was way fun, because there were so many of us! Our district was usually just Sister Hill and I, and two elders. But with the combination there were just a lot of us. After district meeting we went out and did district finding. Elder Richardson and I were sent out as a team for finding and that was way fun. It's interesting to see the difference in how Elders do finding verses how Sisters do. Also people were way more willing to talk to Elder Richardson and I, than they are Sister Hill and I. It was wack. We got several numbers to set up appointments and gave out a few cards though! 

This coming Saturday we will be getting transfer calls (Not even sure how it has been like 6 weeks but okay..) We are in full suspense due to the fact that I don't have a visa I may actually be leaving. Goldens (missionaries in training) usually stay in their area for at least 12 weeks, usually longer. But I don't have a visa for Austria, and it doesn't look like it's gonna happen any time soon so I may be off to Germany. But we shalllllll seeeeeeeeeeeee! So much suspense!

Also, everyone here always has either 1. a cigarette in their hand or 2. ice cream. On occasion, they have both. We, usually have ice cream. There are ice cream places on every corner, and so basically you have to buy ice cream. It's delicious and a necessity to have an ice cream to fit in here. 

"Love, patience, and meekness can be just as contagious as rudeness and crudeness." -Neal A. Maxwell. 

Have a fantastic week!
Ich hab euch lieb!

Sister Lundskog

(pictures.. got ourselves a treat-REFRIED BEANS, basically a miracle that we could find some. There was a huge group of people doing yoga in the park.. which ended with them relaxing and laying down for at least 45 minutes. Goals vielleicht? Beer festival, typical day finding in Vienna..!)

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